The following mash-up highlights the names of nearly 50 clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

Looking at it this way I can easily pick out some personal trends and identify some word combinations that might form interesting brands. I enjoy mixing and tossing content in ways that inspire a new perspective. Revive an old ingredient here, add a dash of the exotic there. Honor the process of cooking up new ideas with creativity alongside responsible examination and before you know it, your company will have stumbled upon the next Cobb Salad.

client cloud


Access Magazine  America 24/7  Computer Life  ComputerWorld  Create Magazine  DBMS Magazine  Dr. Dobbs Journal  Elle France  Equip  Evergreen Times Firetide  Fringe Golf  Golf Illustrated Golf World Honda  IDG  Infoworld  Land’s End  LinkedGolfers  Macromedia  Matter Network  Mediabolic  M&T Publishing  MightyWords  Miller-Freeman  Multimedia World  NASA Ames Research Laboratory  netJane Netopia  Offenes Atelier P2P Rescue Principal Voices  ScubaPOP  Siebel Systems  Smart Planet   Solid Technology  Space Daily  Space Weekly  Sybase  Tahoe Traveler  Tendo Communications  Time Digital  Time-Warner  Unikala  University of California Berkeley’s Bancroft Library  Vesess Yahoo! Internet Life  ZD Net  ZD Press  ZD Publishing  ZD University.