Over time my content direction and strategy work has evolved…50_ancient_roman_premium_coins_180221688886

…to become more conceptual and focused on generating new ideas for enhancing a company’s core product or service experience. Time permitting, however, I am open to content production and strategy projects of any kind, from helping refine an organization’s message and content flow, to rolling up my sleeves and stringing the words together myself.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you or your organization needs:

  • support developing new content
  • a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of existing content
  • help identifying new relationships that will take your material to the next level
  • an analysis of content “flow” and where your system might improve efficiency or reduce the chance of a total interruption
  • an independent examination of the “experience” your organization offers–from how you’re presenting your products or services to the effectiveness of the products themselves
  • and more

Even if you’re not entirely sure what your specific requirements are, feel free to get in touch anyway. It’s not uncommon for me to hear from people or organizations who simply have a vague feeling something is missing in their message or process. That’s usually a solid indicator of a more serious problem that might be causing a major disconnect between your company and your customers. Those people that make the effort to identify areas of improvement are on the right track. It’s the executives  who insist they’re on the right track that are usually needing to work harder to identify areas of improvement.