The diving in Los Cabos is unforgettable--if you know where to go...

My main writing focus at the moment centers on the intersection of travel, mobile technology, and golf. The allure of each of these areas depends on the quality of the experience they provide. By relaying first-hand experiences to readers known to be short on time but long on passion, I aim to provide a compass that points to the destinations, products, and activities that won’t disappoint. When a real-world encounter falls short of the advertised offer, I hope my observations will provide a road map organizations can follow to increase the odds their customers will return.

Some experiences–a fishing expedition navigating a chain of inlets in remote Alaska, a week in the house that James Bond built, a culinary journey exploring the world of truffles and their storied path from ground to table–can not only reinvigorate but also completely change lives.

Other experiences inhabit the small spaces of convenience and involve, say, the position of a cell phone camera button, “GPS creep,” the check-in procedure at a remote Norweigan treehouse lodge. Some details matter. “Fictional Bob” may not care one bit about his rental car, but if his golf cart’s brake’s are soft your resort may never see Bob ride again. “Imaginary Ingrid” may sweat out her five-day stay in Costa Rica, but the broken air conditioner will affect where she decides to spend her next rare vacation.

In some cases I may nitpick in print. In others I’ll simply meet with a manager in private. In all cases my aim is to improve the health of a business while helping real people identify the worthwhile places to safely spend their rare free time and hard-earned money.

Contact me if you have a product or experience you’d like to share or if you run a publication and think your readers will benefit from a report you’d like me to craft.