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I am currently working in an editorial/advisory capacity with Matter Network, a leading publisher of news and ideas for businesses focused on sustainability. Click below for more informaiton.

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What I Do Is Your Business

When I work closely with a company, I’ll write press releases, white papers, content plans, and the like. I’ll ghost write “expert” articles for CEOs and hand them the byline. I’ll spend hours in meetings (and in my own office) helping clients uncover new roads to improve the bottom line or directives to help mature and protect a brand.

home-business1When I cross the finish line with a client and walk out the door for the last time (at least related to that completed project), I’ve come to recognize I usually feel a consistent set of mixed feelings: satisfaction, the pride that comes with achievement, and also something I might describe as sadness. I enjoy working with all sorts of creative minds and often miss the intelligent and visionary people I’ve come to know, quirks and all.

The finish line inevitably comes with every contract, though, and when it does a client is often concerned about the safety of information that represents the competitive advantage. I do everything possible to reassure every organization I work with that their secrets are safe. I don’t play companies off of one another, even though I hear of people taking this approach all the time. I don’t need credit, either.

What I do desire are recommendations. If a client feels my work achieves my own standard goal of exceeding expectations, I ask simply for the capital that is word of mouth. It’s the engine that, for me, keeps business flowing.

Having said that, I’ll estimate that roughly 90 percent of the business-related work I do I will not take credit for or promote here. If you’re here reading this, in all likelihood it’s because a friend, a partner, or even (my favorite) someone you’ve met and have had a casual conversation with, has kept me and my work in mind.

Still, the following clips (though outdated) are not NDA-protected and may help you decide if I can help your organization with your next project.

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