Dog Days of Summer

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places to take my dog. This story was an absolute pleasure to write.

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There really is no other relationship…benbowboys

…like the one that exists between a person and his or her dog. Humans and canines have been partners for almost as long as we’ve been walking upright.¬† I have had a dog (when I’m fostering rescues I’ve had as many as four) in my life¬† since I was a young boy living in a house backed up against open foothills, where me and my four-legged partner would roam sometimes for an entire day hunting for arrowheads or staking out a new spot for our exclusive fort.

I’ve only recently lost “Digger,” a dog who played a special role in my life and who brightened a decade filled with a variety of difficult losses to my human kin. A bounding dog has a healing effect. No matter how bad things get, a dog can drop a tennis ball in your lap and remind you of the wonderful things you still have.


I was lucky to have accidentally found Digger’s nephew and have incorporated him into my family. “Arrowhead” (or just Arrow), is bringing us tremendous joy and entertainment. He’ll never replace Digger, of course. But he’s helped soften the blow and already carved out an identity of his own.

I write about dogs mainly because I enjoy them, but also to bring education and exposure to the many people in this world who have devoted their lives or opened their homes to this special animal.