Golf: A Walk With a Purpose

True it sometimes may be like a walk over hot coals and the purpose is to be done with it before it scars you for life. But that's part of what makes it so enduring isn't it?

A Golfer's Paradise (PDF) →

That Mark Twain said golf is “a good walk spoiled…”lombard2

…makes me conclude that the author had either never golfed or simply wasn’t good at it. The sport, in my view of history, was invented precisely during long walks across the links land connecting two villages. The mind can wander on such sojourns and even hitting a rock with a stick can help bring it back into focus.

I am passionate about golf for many reasons–its requirement for mental acuity being just one. It’s a game that offers so many parallels to other aspects of life (lessons involving patience, for example), that by diligently studying one will improve a person’s prospects for success in the other.  As a result, golf has become my mentor often as much as it acts as my slightly rude, always loud and dysfunctional friend. It’s a schizophrenic game to be sure. Passionate and maddening in the same breath.

I have written quite a bit about golf during my career and plan on significantly increasing the time I commit to thinking and writing about it, studying it, and playing it–sometimes with humor, sometimes with a magnifying glass and an engineer’s degree, and always with humility.

Following are a few samples of my work that covers the spectrum of writing and a few photographs I’ve added to my portfolio if not just to remember the face of the golf holes that robbed me.

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A Golfer’s Paradise

Foul Play

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Greeting Card



There’s a lot more where this came from, but why spend it all in one sitting?