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Almost Famous


Although it took hard work, countless dinners with agents, and a lot of trips to Hollywood and elsewhere, I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with and interview a wide variety of personalities. Select a link below to view a sample interview opener or simply click on “Brian Eno” (to the right) to read a complete interview.

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Audio Excerpts

I managed to save quite a few of the cassette tapes I used to record and back-up interviews. I spent a weekend listening to them before deciding to digitize them all. I didn’t really have any purpose for doing so except to archive some kind of record. (Please forgive the quality of aged micro-cassettes.)

Brian Eno


This brief candid touches on the legendary experimental musician’s thinking about the organic possibilities of “Generative Music.” Mr. Eno was very generous with his time and seemed to enjoy a conversation about “Artificial Intelligence Audio” that lasted nearly two hours and started with him answering his hotel room door holding a front tooth he had somehow jarred loose.

I had been a fan of his work long before I had a chance to meet him. His collaboration with David Byrne that resulted in My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was long-time personal favorite that gave me cause to investigate his previous work, which opened new doors in a category possibly attributable to him–Ambience, Atmospherics, Textured Audio. His Music for Airports series is as fresh now as it was decades prior.



Malcolm McDowell

Caligula? A Clockwork Orange? Captain Kirk’s killer? Malcolm McDowell has led the kind of career most actors fantasize about.

Clip 1: TypecastingClip 2: The future of our environment ~ Clip 3: Trek Threats


Douglas Adams

In this clip, the extraordinarily popular author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and other well-known novels discusses his personal interest in “natural capitalism” and how the idea could help efforts to preserve gorillas. Mr. Adams, who tragically passed away from a heart attack in 2001, lived a life rich in stories. Outside of the intricateDouglas-Adams-001 tales he crafted that contain memorable details filled with symbolism (42), his own life history includes an array of interesting anecdotes.

He was the first person to buy an Apple Computer in Europe. He was friends with Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and his work often crossed paths with that of the band. (He named 1994 album The Division Bell, for example, and his own official biography he entitled Wish You Were Here.) He appeared in an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and lent his talents to the benefit of Dr. Who. He had a rare talent made rarer by the impression he gave, that he was entirely free of ego.


(more clips to come…)