If you'd like to add original images, audio, video, and so on to your project, please let me know from the beginning. Having a clear vision of how each piece works with every other is the key to being efficient--and keeping costs within your budget.

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Offering both writing and photography services…


…allows me to deliver my clients a substantial cost savings, particularly during travel assignments. Once upon a time, publishers needed to send a small army of content producers (writers, photographers, assistants, and so on) across the globe to see returns. Now, mainly because new technologies allow for traveling lighter (digital cameras eliminate the need for hundreds of rolls of film, for example, and cameras that are sophisticated enough to produce high-quality images can now fit in your pocket), one reasonably well trained content specialist can take on the roll of three.

I’ve always enjoyed photography but only in the past decade have I come to thoroughly enjoy the nuances of what it takes to make a strong image. Cameras, of course, suit this gearhead’s desire for handheld, easily mobile creation tools. But the process and considerations involved during the act of immortalizing the briefest of moments have dramatically changed the way I look at the things and people around me.

monastery2Now I am ever so conscious of the quality of light, of angles and architecture, of a dog stealing an entire pineapple from a clever wedding arrangement, of the stillness of a baseball having come to rest on the warning track–momentarily alone despite being the center of attention for more than 50,000 screaming San Francisco Giants fans. Looking through the viewfinder removes an awful lot of noise and brings an awareness that adds a richness of detail to the content I’m developing.