The Case for Case Studies

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Fast Cars, Faster Surveillance →

Case Studies: If you’re going to do them, do them well.

It’s well known that case studies are essential for organizations as a tool for showing off the historical impact of their products or services. But they’re so much more than that. It’s Clip_Sebringoften surprising to me, however, how many companies don’t take the time to consider the full life cycle of their project histories.

Executed well, case studies will switch on the light for a potential new client who previously hadn’t yet considered that Company A’s widget presented a perfect solution to Company B’s problem. The holy grail of any case study is to inspire a new client to see a product or service’s inherent flexibility, no matter how inflexible.

A client that creates an innovative solution using YOUR product, may very well become the reverse inspiration for a completely new profit line YOU hadn’t yet considered. And so the cycle continues.










A few samples:

Firetide: “Fast Cars, Faster Surveillance,” Metro Wireless: “City of Chicago
Create Magazine (Macromedia): “Deadline, Flatline, Lifeline”
Sybase Magazine: “The Growing Business,” “Waging War Against Fire,” “Delivering the Mail and Much More,” “Reengineering Government,” “Opening New Data Doors,”
ComputerWorld, The Wireless 25 (Nine cases briefs)
Siebel@Work: Reynolds Metals